Discussion Questions for Sweeter Than The Honey

1.) What was your initial response to all of the characters? Did you like them? Dislike them? Did your opinion change of them by the end of the book?

2.) What do you think of the dynamics of Kamilah’s friendship with Eric? Do you think it’s healthy for Kamilah to hide her true feelings toward Eric? What are your thoughts on his reaction to Kamilah’s relationship with Summer? Do you think jealousy was involved? If so, why?

3.) What is your definition of a good father? Do you think Mr. Wright fit that description? Why or why not?

4.) What do you think of the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Wright? How do you think it affected Kamilah? Was Mr. Wright totally at fault for the current state of their marriage? Why or why not? Do you agree with Kamilah’s disagreement with her mother’s explanation of her father’s infidelity? Why or why not?

5.) Kamilah initially saw Summer as an enemy, but the two quickly became friends. What do you think changed Kamilah’s outlook? What do you think influenced her to become more than friends with Summer?

6.) Everyone had different responses to Kamilah’s relationship with Summer. Whose do you think was the most extreme? Who’s response was the most like your own? Was it Mrs. Wright? Mr. Wright? Mr. Freeman? Eric? Daniel?

7.) Do you agree with Mrs. Wright’s decision to kick Kamilah out of the house? What is the contrast between Mrs. Wright and Mr. Freeman? If you were either one of them, what would you have done?

8.) What are your opinions of Apostle and his philosophy? Did Summer’s response to him surprise you? What do you think of the confrontation Kamilah had with him? What do you think his reaction revealed about his character? How do you think the others in the group responded once they discovered Kamilah would no longer be around? Overall, what do you think of him?

9.) What was your favorite part of Sweeter Than The Honey? If there is one thing that you could change about the story, what would it be? If you could write the sequel, what would you like to happen?

10.) Is this the first book you’ve read by LaShanda Michelle? If not, what other books have you read by her, and what did you think of them? What do you think of her writing style?