Discussion Questions For The Dorkiss Way

1. What are your thoughts of Kelly Dorkiss? Do you agree with The Dorkiss Way? Why or why not? How do you feel about her relationship with her husband, Gregg?

2. What were your initial thoughts of Dana when you first began reading the book? In what ways do you think her character changed throughout the book, if at all?

3. Friendship is a running theme in The Dorkiss Way. Evaluate Dana’s relationships with her female friends. Do you think Kheri’s reason for not telling Dana what she knew about NeTesha and Jeremy was justifiable? Do you think NeTesha had a right to feel the way she did towards Dana? Now evaluate Kelly Dorkiss’ relationships with her female friends. How do you feel about her relationship with Danica Love? With Dana? Do you feel that either of these ladies are good friends?

4. When Dana met Gavin, she immediately concluded that he wasn’t the man for her because he had a child. Do you feel that some women block great relationships when they have prerequisites?

5. What do you think of Dana’s relationship with her brother, Sean? If you went through a similar situation with a sibling, how did you respond? What is your relationship like now? If you were Dana, how do you think you would have responded on your prom night? Would you have responded the same way that she did once you found out Sean and Mitchell’s sexual relationship already began before the prom?

6. Do you agree with the way Gavin broke up with Dana? Whose side did you choose while reading the argument that led to their breakup? Why? Do you think Dana was right to blame Kelly? What do you think of Kelly’s response to Dana’s accusations?

7. What are your feelings concerning Dana’s reconciliation with Jeremy?

8. How do you feel about Gavin turning Dana down when she approached him again?

9. If Kelly Dorkiss was your relationship coach, would you recommend her to anyone? Why or why not?

10. If The Dorkiss Way were a movie, who would you cast to play each role?