Sweeter Than The Day Before


Kamilah Wright is no longer the insecure and overweight teenager she was when she and Eric reunited on the front steps of her college dormitory twelve years ago. Now a healthy and confident size six, she’s running a successful magazine and has managed to reestablish a relationship with her estranged family. Well, most of them. 

Eric considers himself successful, too. He’s making good money and is with the women he feels is the love of his life, though Kamilah is convinced she’s nothing more than a bimbo determined to live life by the gold-digger’s creed. 

Everything changes for these lifelong friends, however, when an evening with a few glasses of celebratory champagne abruptly turns into a night of passion. Shocked and horrified by their behavior, they’re finally forced to deal with the residual emotions a lifetime of love deterred has left them with. Before they can even consider a relationship, though, a blast from their tumultuous teenage past reappears. 

How in the world will their friendship—or love—survive all of this?