The Revolutionary

It's 2003. America's at war, and nineteen year old Amanda Preston has just lost her husband, the father of her infant son, to an IED explosion in Iraq. With no money, no job, and no family she can depend on, her near future looks bleak as she is forced to move out of military housing. 

In walks Damian Brinkley. An older and well-traveled man, he invites Amanda to a tent revival that his ministry is leading. She's introduced to both God and prayer, and another marriage soon follows, but Damian isn’t the man she thought he was. 

Bi-monthly tent revivals and tedious ministry activities cleverly disguise the subculture of rape and abuse that now surround her—until it's brought to the forefront by an assault in her very own home. Devastated by the event and the heartbreaking betrayals that follow, Amanda is left teetering between the lines of faith and mental stability as Damian continues to focus on his ministry. Soon afterward he faces a betrayal of his own, and the future of everything is left hanging in the balance—including their very lives.   

What  People Are Saying

I have to stop here and say that no one loves a good love story more than me, but since I read constantly, it has to have that something that makes me tilt my head and say, “Awww,” gasp, clutch my pearls, cry or something. This author’s writing style does all of that for me. It’s real, it’s raw, but it never feels convoluted. You are getting so much more than just a love story. You are gaining entrance into a life with all its joy, pain, sorrow, obstacles, right and wrong decisions, injustice...those things in life that make you throw yourself at the feet of Jesus.
— Karen Rodgers, Editor
I have read all of her books and she never disappoints.
— Reviewer