The Second Exodus Review

I am writing my first review on this second book in The Revolutionary series, The Second Exodus, but you really should start with Book 1, The End of Genesis, to get the full impact of the story. It is a story with a soul and I promise you will feel it. The author takes you by the hand and gently leads you through the life and times of Amanda who after going through a difficult childhood finds and marries the love of her life. I have to stop here and say that no one loves a good love story more than me, but since I read constantly, it has to have that something that makes me tilt my head and say, "Awww," gasp, clutch my pearls, cry or something. This author's writing style does all of that for me. Anyway, things are good for a time for Amanda and then they aren't. Just like that she's homeless and she hits rock bottom, then she finds God, a new someone to love. Then church happens to her, the wrong kind of church and things go very wrong again. But that's why I like this series so much, it's real, it's raw, but it never feels convoluted. I'm trying to be careful not to give away the plot since I'm kind of talking about both books, but I don't feel I'm doing it justice. So just trust me, you are getting so much more than just a love story. In this series you are gaining entrance into a life with all its joy, pain, sorrow, obstacles, right and wrong decisions, injustice...those things in life that make you throw yourself at the feet of Jesus. Sounds like something you want to read, right? Then please do so and don't forget to show your appreciation by leaving a review. When you feel so inclined also look for Author LaShanda Michelle's other titles. The Let No Man Put Asunder series is really good, too. (From, written by Karen Rodgers)