GUEST POST by Theo Ferrell

The last few weeks I've been seeing fellow Christians caught up in various situations that have been personally challenging or sensitive. None of these issues are related, however the believer's response to them is what concerns me.

They've all gone like this:

A brother/sister is faced with an issue or dilemma. They acknowledge that a certain course of action is wrong/sinful, then follow with "but" and an anecdote, or a social issue that evokes a serious emotional response to justify a sinful course of action. 

This isn't new, but the frequency is increasing among people who are close to me. As a believer, God is the authority and earthly authority is of Him. We have no permission to justify what He calls sin. Yes, we all stumble & jack up our lives, and we all need to repent. However, I speak to consciously rationalizing sin because of personal experience, social issues, or feeling like not sinning is too difficult. That's what satan wants. The sinful choice usually feels better, makes more sense according to earthly wisdom and may often be easier and quicker. Temptation to live in grey areas and eventually acquiesce is real and strong, but must be resisted.

If you know me you know:

1. I have my owndilemmas

2. I don't always make the right choice

3. I have people to whom I am accountable that tell me when I am wrong as I lower my head in shame. 

These same brothers are also there to say, "Let's do better from here."

This is my point. Can you recognize where you have justified sin? Are you willing to be corrected even to the point of emotional distress or offense? Do you have brothers and sisters around you to say, "I'm with you. Period. Now let's get straight"? This is how the body of Christ strengthens one another so we may show we belong to the One who overcomes the world.

*Theo Ferrell is a Christian artist and teacher with more than twenty years in service. He is an advocate of building godly families, an apologetics enthusiast, and has been good with kids and puppies since 1985.