I Think I'm Excited About Writing Again..! :-)

I haven't written it a really long time. 

Okay, yes, I've doodled and taken copious notes in my Bible, but I haven't actually written fiction in a long time. 

Writer's block? Maybe, but I don't really believe in that. More like distracted, unfulfilled, uninspired, irritated, frustrated, disappointed, unfocused, indecisive. Fearful. Dare I admit it--a lack of faith. 

None of those things yield a productive life, and they surely don't yield a productive writing career. Sure, I've been busy creating websites and teaching a few classes, but nothing brings me pure joy like writing stories, and I hadn't been able to as of late. 

I had to figure out why. Writing is more than just a paycheck to me. It's my calling. I know it. Several other people know it. I can't play around with it. This is what I was born to do! Days spent writing nothing at all feel like a complete waste of grace!

So I took a few days off from everything. No talking on the phone. No social media. No texting. No television. Just me, Jesus, and my notebooks.

Things suddenly became clear. I was able to pinpoint the things that irritated my spirit. I was able to figure out the problems that brought me to a standstill. I could finally recall what worked for me before and move past the things that held me up. It took a minute, but... I think I'm excited about writing again. 

I should be. It's been a year since the last installment of The Revolutionary Series was published. I'd feared that the story had broken me. Lord knows it took a lot out of me emotionally. But alas, God in His faithfulness has restored the joy of my calling. I'm writing again and it feels GREAT!  

 Now, allow me to formally introduce you to Sweeter Than The Day Before. (Yes, this will be released as another ebook series with a traditional paperback release to follow.) This is a sequel to Sweeter Than The Honey, and I promise you'll be getting A LOT MORE than a teenage followup. 

This thang is juicy! 

Of course, I can't give you any spoilers. Just know that this sequel has been in my head for seven years. (I can't believe how much time has passed, especially when I consider that it only took me three months to write What God Has Joined Together.) I've grown a lot in those seven years, and so have Kamilah, Eric, and... Summer. (GASP!)  They aren't the only ones. Stay tuned! You're in for a treat!

Told you I was excited. ;-)

If you haven't read Sweeter Than The Honey yet, be sure to catch up before the new series begins!