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I Think I'm Excited About Writing Again..! :-)

I haven't written it a really long time. 

Okay, yes, I've doodled and taken copious notes in my Bible, but I haven't actually written fiction in a long time. 

Writer's block? Maybe, but I don't really believe in that. More like distracted, unfulfilled, uninspired, irritated, frustrated, disappointed, unfocused, indecisive. Fearful. Dare I admit it--a lack of faith. 

None of those things yield a productive life, and they surely don't yield a productive writing career. Sure, I've been busy creating websites and teaching a few classes, but nothing brings me pure joy like writing stories, and I hadn't been able to as of late. 

I had to figure out why. Writing is more than just a paycheck to me. It's my calling. I know it. Several other people know it. I can't play around with it. This is what I was born to do! Days spent writing nothing at all feel like a complete waste of grace!

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Kim Burrell, Homosexuality, & The Black Church

I won’t assume you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the controversy concerning beloved gospel singer Kim Burrell and the comments she made about homosexuality. Maybe you’ve been living your life, taking care of your responsibilities, and minding your own business. (Good for you!) 

If that’s the case, let me fill you in. 

During a New Year’s Eve sermon that was broadcasted live via Periscope, Burrell, who is also a pastor, made comments concerning homosexuals that many considered to be offensive and homophobic. You can watch the segment here.

Since then it seems that everyone and their mama has come out in full force against her. Literally. A guest appearance on Ellen was cancelled, and her radio show at Texas Southern University was taken off the air. 

Dang. Our sis is really going through it. 

Even those who tried to defend her, namely Tamar Braxton and Shirley Caesar, have received the wrath of social media. (Somehow presidents got involved, but this past election has taken enough out of me. You can venture down that political road on your own.)

To be clear, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a Kim Burrell fan, but I think she’s an exceptionally gifted singer and have always thought she was underrated. (Her album Kim Burrell Live In Concert is one that every gospel lover should have. It’s one of my favorites, and can be played from beginning to end without skipping any tracks. When was the last time you did that with a gospel album?) As great as I think she is, I haven’t followed her career. I didn’t know she was a host on Sunday’s Best, or that she was even a pastor. I also didn’t know that she was a featured artist on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ‘Hidden Figures.’ 

Hhhhhhmmmm… Maybe I’m the one who’s been living under a rock. Okay, I’ll do better in 2017. :-) 

Things seemed to be going really well for Pastor Burrell. It saddens me to see that four minutes of a sermon not even heard in its entirety have taken away the shine she seemed to finally be receiving. It’s nearly heartbreaking. 

Here’s my opinion: I don’t think she was entirely wrong, and I don’t think those offended by her words are entirely wrong, either. 

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So Much Grace... But No Repentance?

I really don’t like when people bash the church. That may seem odd to some. I did, after all, just write a book about an abusive ministry, and a few of my characters haven’t shown the church in its best light. (Anyone remember CJ?) I myself have said more than one unkind thing out of frustration with what I deemed hypocritical behavior from my brothers and sisters in faith. 

I don’t know. Maybe I’m evolving. Maybe I’m slipping. Maybe I’m letting go of some things and picking up others. But now I get offended when I hear people—Christians—speak harshly of the church, especially in the presence of unbelievers. I have to wonder whose side you’re on. But maybe that’s judgmental. 

Let me explain.

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This Magazine Cover Makes Me Want To Cry...

The child in me grieves for the legacy of The Cosby Show and the man who upheld it. Not because I'm infatuated with Bill Cosby or in denial concerning the horrendous allegations against him (some of which he testified to in court). My heartache is because the demise of Cosby's legacy fractures my very own history.

You see, both The Cosby Show and it's spin-off, A Different World, played a big part in my childhood. I have fond memories of gathering with my family before the television on Thursday evenings, glued to NBC in anticipation of the laughter and family values the Huxtable family would bestow upon us. We were never disappointed.

Cosby, though he is the flawed man that he is (to say the least), gave us something nearly magical. He showed us that we could be loving and kind. We didn't have to be broken. Our families and our wallets could be whole. We could be educated and peaceful. He gave us hope. He gave us and millions around the world joy so spectacular that thirty years later we still smile at the sight of little Rudy lip synching to Ray Charles. Through entertaining scenarios, we learned the importance of a strong family unit, the value of education, and the strength of integrity.

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