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This Magazine Cover Makes Me Want To Cry...

The child in me grieves for the legacy of The Cosby Show and the man who upheld it. Not because I'm infatuated with Bill Cosby or in denial concerning the horrendous allegations against him (some of which he testified to in court). My heartache is because the demise of Cosby's legacy fractures my very own history.

You see, both The Cosby Show and it's spin-off, A Different World, played a big part in my childhood. I have fond memories of gathering with my family before the television on Thursday evenings, glued to NBC in anticipation of the laughter and family values the Huxtable family would bestow upon us. We were never disappointed.

Cosby, though he is the flawed man that he is (to say the least), gave us something nearly magical. He showed us that we could be loving and kind. We didn't have to be broken. Our families and our wallets could be whole. We could be educated and peaceful. He gave us hope. He gave us and millions around the world joy so spectacular that thirty years later we still smile at the sight of little Rudy lip synching to Ray Charles. Through entertaining scenarios, we learned the importance of a strong family unit, the value of education, and the strength of integrity.

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