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Oh... THAT'S How You Took It?

            As I wrote What God Has Joined Together, I knew I was going to receive criticism. The world is quick to root for the demise of a marriage, and the respect once given for a couple's marital longevity decreases on a daily basis. Frankly, people don't honor marriage anymore. The fight to stay married isn't glorified, either. In fact, over the weekend I was especially perturbed by a Facebook video that showed a popular speaker telling his viewers that God approves divorce if your spouse lies. (Uuuuummm... What scripture is that?) Everyone seems to want to walk away, so I knew that when I presented the story of a marriage traumatized by infidelity that survived by the grace of God, everyone wasn't going to be happy. I didn't, however, expect the flood of angry emails (and a few unfavorable reviews) that came after the book release.

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