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Kim Burrell, Homosexuality, & The Black Church

I won’t assume you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the controversy concerning beloved gospel singer Kim Burrell and the comments she made about homosexuality. Maybe you’ve been living your life, taking care of your responsibilities, and minding your own business. (Good for you!) 

If that’s the case, let me fill you in. 

During a New Year’s Eve sermon that was broadcasted live via Periscope, Burrell, who is also a pastor, made comments concerning homosexuals that many considered to be offensive and homophobic. You can watch the segment here.

Since then it seems that everyone and their mama has come out in full force against her. Literally. A guest appearance on Ellen was cancelled, and her radio show at Texas Southern University was taken off the air. 

Dang. Our sis is really going through it. 

Even those who tried to defend her, namely Tamar Braxton and Shirley Caesar, have received the wrath of social media. (Somehow presidents got involved, but this past election has taken enough out of me. You can venture down that political road on your own.)

To be clear, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a Kim Burrell fan, but I think she’s an exceptionally gifted singer and have always thought she was underrated. (Her album Kim Burrell Live In Concert is one that every gospel lover should have. It’s one of my favorites, and can be played from beginning to end without skipping any tracks. When was the last time you did that with a gospel album?) As great as I think she is, I haven’t followed her career. I didn’t know she was a host on Sunday’s Best, or that she was even a pastor. I also didn’t know that she was a featured artist on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ‘Hidden Figures.’ 

Hhhhhhmmmm… Maybe I’m the one who’s been living under a rock. Okay, I’ll do better in 2017. :-) 

Things seemed to be going really well for Pastor Burrell. It saddens me to see that four minutes of a sermon not even heard in its entirety have taken away the shine she seemed to finally be receiving. It’s nearly heartbreaking. 

Here’s my opinion: I don’t think she was entirely wrong, and I don’t think those offended by her words are entirely wrong, either. 

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