Discussion Questions For Joy In The Midst of Sorrow

1.) Fatherhood is a recurring theme in Joy In The Midst Of Sorrow. What do you think of the relationships between all of the fathers and their children in this novel? Anaya and Deacon? Pastor Fields and his sons? CJ and his children? Teddy and his sons? Do you think the men mentioned were good fathers? If so, in what way? If not, why?


2.) Relationships are also a recurring theme in Joy In The Midst Of Sorrow. Of all the relationships, which couple do you think had the best relationship? Who was the most unhappy? Who had the most challenges? Who do you think are less likely to make it?


3.) Compare Anaya’s relationship with Teddy to her relationship with Julian. In what ways were they different? Were there any similarities?


4.) What do you think of Anaya’s friendship with Karen? Has it changed much since Casting Down Imaginations? Who do you think is mostly at fault for the current status of their relationship? Do you understand the feelings they have toward one another? If you had to pick a side, whose would you choose?


5.) What do you think of Corey’s reaction to Anaya’s relationship with Julian? Was your own reaction similar, or different? If you were a member of First Bethany, would you have signed the petition? Why or why not? Do you think the church members were justified in their actions? How could they have responded differently?


6.) What do you think of Anaya’s relationship with Teddy? What obligations do you think he had toward Anaya, if any? Were there any signs you think Anaya overlooked concerning Teddy while the two of them were together? Did anything about what happened between them surprise you at all? If so what? Why?


7.) What were your reactions to Chelsea's interactions with Anaya? What do you think of her actions after Ian was born? How do you think you would have responded to Anaya if you were in Chelsea's shoes? How do you think the ladies will deal with each other in the future?


8.) Who was your favorite character? Least favorite? Why? If you could talk to each of them individually, what would you say?


9.) How do you feel about Julian's family's response to his relationship with Anaya?


10.) If you could write the sequel, what would you have happen to each character?