Joy In The Midst Of Sorrow

The last three years have not been drama-free for Anaya Patterson, despite the fact that she moved back in with her father after dropping out of college. Now in a relationship with a married man nearly twice her age, Anaya finds herself the talk of her small hometown as she relishes in the expensive gifts her boyfriend provides, including a luxury condo, expensive clothes, exotic vacations, and a customized Ford Mustang.

Anaya’s confidence and sense of security are overtaken by fear when her father passes away suddenly and her boyfriend dumps her once she decides not to abort their child. Now completely alone, pregnant, and broke, Anaya is forced to lean on the people she has resented the most her entire life, the members of First Bethany Christian Church.

To Anaya’s surprise, she is embraced with loving arms by her childhood church family, who is more than happy to help her in any way they can, including the pastor’s youngest son, Julian, whom Anaya hasn’t seen in over ten years. The two quickly find a connection, but their future happiness is threatened once secrets about Anaya’s past are exposed. Will new love prove strong enough to withstand the tribulation of scandal, or will backlash from those who don’t approve keep them apart?

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What People Are Saying

I truly enjoyed this book. I like how the main character was able to learn that through faith all things are possible. The family’s support of Anaya was a great storyline also, in spite of all of her obstacles. Thanks for a great read!
— Ilena Andrews, Hampton Roads Book Club
I gave the book 5 stars because in all i really did enjoy the read. I’m a reader that easily gets attached and sucked into the characters so my heart ached for her at her lowest moments but also cheered in the end. It was a good book and first I’ve read from this author. Will definitely read others of her work.
— C. McFadden, Book Reviewer
I really enjoyed the storyline. It really showed how judgemental “church folks” tend to be. But God’s grace shined through it all. Once again Ms. LaShanda Michelle DID an excellent job.
— Just TLC, Book Reviewer
This is a very spiritual book and the storyline encourages the idea that there is always hope in every situation and to just keep on striving forward, not to look back and there are good people out there who usually come along when least expected.
— Kyra, Book Reviewer
Excellent read! I had the opportunity to meet this author @ a mall in Virginia Beach where she was promoting her books. She was very nice, and her books definitely did not disappoint. I bought three and finished each one within 2 days of starting them!!
— "Just Me" Book Reviewer