Let  No Man Put Asunder

Dana and Gavin have been married for two years, and they both agree the honeymoon phase is over.

Dana's main source of frustration is her mother-in-law. The woman constantly meddles and makes it no secret that she believes her son made a mistake when he married Dana. She even attempts to pair him with an old girlfriend right in Dana's face! Dissatisfied with the way her husband chooses to handle the situation, Dana takes matters into her own hands-but at what cost to her marriage?

Meanwhile, Gavin finally admits to himself that life with Dana is far less spectacular than he imagined it would be. Her demanding career and expensive spending habits are putting a wedge between them, and her hectic schedule leaves little time for Jonathan, his son from his previous marriage. Things become even shakier when Gavin befriends a woman who has all of the endearing qualities he wishes his wife possessed. As their friendship blossoms, Dana's own confidence unravels as the pressures of work and family expose a secret she's been keeping for years.

Will their love survive, or will the unforeseen obstacles of being husband and wife hurl them into a divorce?   

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What  People Are Saying

LaShanda does an excellent job from the very beginning, highlighting some of the real issues marriages face in terms of in-laws. From there it builds with the struggles couples face at compromising and finding a balance that both parties are comfortable with. More issues arise when trust is broken, feelings are hurt, and in an effort to find solace, the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome kicks in! Though I’m single, I read this book feeling like I was walking in the shoes of the main character, Dana. I felt her frustrations with her husband and mother-in-law. I lavished in the love and loyalty her son generously provided. And even though she had her issues, I was pro-HER to the very end. I was very sad when the series ended, but will definitely be reading more from this amazing author!
— Shan Mahogany
This is an excellent series. The author uses real-life situations to help the reader understand some Biblical truths. Thank you very much!
— Emma R, Amazon.com
Time after time...........Absolutely Amazing!!!! I couldn’t put the book down...LaShanda Michelle is so talented in how she creates these books, keeping the reader’s attention!! Can’t wait for many more books to come!!
— Mrs. Nash, Amazon.com