Sweeter Than The Honey

Kamilah Wright has a lot on her shoulders for someone entering their senior year of high school. Not only does her mom expect her to raise the other seven children in their home, but she’s also required to turn a blind eye to her father’s infidelity, as well as maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA in order to get the academic scholarship she desperately needs to attend college. To complicate matters even more, she’s also a rape victim. The only person she’s told is her best friend, Eric, whom she’s secretly in love with. Through all of this Kamilah convinces herself that she has everything under control.

That is until she meets Summer Freeman. The beautiful new girl at school, Summer introduces Kamilah to a lifestyle that she’s never known, including fashion, luxury, and alternative viewpoints that conflict with her Christian upbringing. Pretty soon the love she has for her new friend evolves into something more, and Kamilah has to prove which love she will devote herself to. Will she stay in the same sex relationship that feels so right, or will she embrace the faith she didn’t know meant so much to her? 

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What People Are Saying

Sweeter than the Honey is a well written story that follows Kamilah Wright on her journey through self discovery. LaShanda Michelle wrote a gritty tale of love, faith, and acceptance. Her novel takes you right into the lives of her characters. This book, though parts may be difficult to read, places a mirror in front of society and asks; where do you stand? What truths do you choose to believe?
— Janette Malcolm
Sweeter Than The Honey by LaShanda Michelle is a candid look at the emotional upheaval of Kamilah Wright, a senior in high school who is not only busy with the everyday woes of teenage life, but worst yet, is also concealing the fact that she was raped.She is seemingly walking in a state of confusion,struggling with her family’s dysfunction and her spirituality until she meets Summer Freeman, a beautiful free spirited individual who turns her world upside down. Sweeter Than The Honey is a coming of age story which brings our main character full circle in her quest for real love, which is only found in God. — Ashea Goldson, author of Count It All Joy
— Ashea Goldson, author of Count It All Joy