What God Has Joined  Together

Kelly Dorkiss never imagined her union with Gregg would be so turbulent. After all, he was the man she prayed for, and as a Christian relationship coach, she founded her career on helping others allow God to arrange their marriages. Surely her own would be perfect.

But perfect, it hasn't been. Instead of joy and happiness, Kelly has consistently experienced heartache due to Gregg's constant cheating. She kept the faith, however, and believed that God would answer her prayers and save her marriage.

It took years for the two to get on track. Just when Kelly begins to finally feel happy, the child Gregg created with another woman is revealed. Fed up with his antics, and disappointed that God has allowed her to be publicly embarrassed, Kelly decides to get a divorce. Just when she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with Gregg, his other woman, or the baby they made together, tragedy thrusts the child into her life, and she has no choice but to deal with the situation head on. Will this new baby be the glue that holds her marriage together, or will she walk away from Gregg, and God, for good? 

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What  People Are Saying

There were many twists, turns, ups, downs, and incredible moments in this book that by the time it was done, I stretched out on my bed drained. While I was exhausted from the ride, I was ecstatic with the way the story unfolded and totally felt that my reading investment was worth my time. LaShanda Michelle is an incredible writer who keeps readers engaged with plot twists and rich dialogue. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!
— KrazyForBooks, Amazon.com Reviewer
This is a wonderful story of love and faithfulness even when your partners actions are less than stellar. I found myself agreeing with Kelly’s thought process until I saw how her pain was preventing her from realizing the blessing that had been given to her. Pride and unforgiveness nearly destroyed her but her ending was exactly what she wanted and needed. Like many people, the thing that caused her the most pain was the thing that opened her eyes to the true void she had in her life. Great story!!!
— O. Johnson, Amazon.com Reviewer